Hi there.

My name is David. I'm a Senior Engineer at Vimeo, working on the VHX team. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my fiance and our pup. I'm a Hack Reactor Alum (HR06!) and since then I've worked at Magnifi.fm and The RealReal. I also run a podcast/radio show called At War With Radio and make a lot of noise in Dakhma.

I like working across the stack but primarily focus my attention to the front-end world. In this blog you'll find:

  • stuff about Javascript and software in general
  • metal and punk musings along with playlists from my At War with Radio show
  • the occasional video/gif

I love talking to people so feel free to reach out by emailing me at dave@bitshifter.co. If you're in NY, let's get coffee!